Slope Mulching

Clear Up To 50° Slopes!

Grazer will make short work of hillsides and gullies that are covered in gorse, bamboo, blackberry, jasmine, and a whole range of other weedy, scrubby vegetation – leaving behind only an eco-friendly layer of composting mulch.

Property Maintenance

Steep section maintenance is a breeze for Grazer’s machines. Clearing tough weeds from steep hillsides, gullies, drains, and driveway banks is cost-effective and safe with our remote-controlled mulching machines. Grazer is perfect for clearing steep paddocks, back sections, and ‘written-off’ areas of your property that have been put aside as unmanageable. Orchard managers will see great value in selective clearing beneath trees or low orchard structures, including tree trimmings.

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Our powerful Forest Mulcher decimates mature stands of blackberry, gorse, scrub, bamboo and other noxious weeds, leaving behind a protective layer of mulched vegetation, reducing soil erosion and run-off.

Fire breaks and tracks are easy to create for Grazer. Our slope mulching services can save time and money when used before other works such as landscaping, property development, and site clearing for civil works.

Machine Advantages

Our specially-engineered machines have a suspended engine that swings with gravity, maintaining as low centre of gravity as possible. Combined with a large track surface area and optional track spikes, our Deltrak units are capable of clinging to hillsides that are difficult to walk up. The tracks mean they have a light ‘footprint’, creating minimal disturbance compared to larger machines. Our machines can safely traverse soft ground, use ramps or be lifted by crane or helicopter to access remote or difficult areas. You’ll be surprised where we can get to. 

Efficient and Effective

When you compare power tools – like chainsaws and scrub-cutters – it’s worth remembering that cutting down vegetation is only one (dangerous) part of the clearing process. Cut-down material would then need to be gathered up and fed into a stationary mulcher – a laborious (and costly) task. Grazer cuts down, mulches and spreads the offending vegetation in a just few passes.

Grazer services the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hauraki, Coromandel and all surrounding areas. Whether it’s gorse mulching, blackberry mulching, steep section maintenance, or fire risk reduction vegetation management, Grazer are your local professional slope mowing and mulching service.

Grazer Services

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Slope Mulching Services

At Grazer, our team provides effective slope mulching services to help our customers clear up their properties and get the most out of any resulting garden waste. Using our specialised mulcher mower, our NZ team can make short work of hillsides and gullies covered in various weedy, scrubby vegetation, leaving behind nothing but eco-friendly composting mulch.

Why Choose Us?

We understand the unique complexities that come with clearing vegetation and mulching on a slope. That’s why we only use the very best mulching equipment and apply the highest level of care to every job we complete. When you work with Grazer, you can expect our team to effortlessly clear and mulch all kinds of dense vegetation, from mature gorse and pampas to wilding pines, Kikuyu grass, and more.

Our Machine Advantages

Our specially engineered Deltrak units have a suspended engine that swings with gravity, allowing them to maintain the lowest possible centre of gravity to achieve maximum balance and stability. Combined with their large track surface area and optional track spikes, these remote-controlled machines can easily cling to various hillsides that would be difficult to walk up and access in person.

The large surface area of the tracks also means they have a lighter ‘footprint’ when compared to other larger machines. This means they can navigate sloped areas of land with minimal disturbance, significantly lowering the chances of soil erosion or damage. Our machines can safely traverse soft ground, use ramps, or be lifted by crane or helicopter to access remote or difficult areas. You’ll be surprised where we can get to!

These mulcher lawn mowers are not only safer than using handheld power tools such as scrub cutters, but they are quicker as well. This means our mulching services are especially ideal for those wanting to swiftly and easily reclaim large plots of land, such as overgrown lifestyle acreages and paddocks

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Mulching Benefits

Turning your unwanted vegetation into mulch can have a range of advantages for you and your property. Not only are our mulching services a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to clear away and repurpose your garden waste, but they have a number of additional benefits as well.

Effective Weed Maintenance

Our mulching services can make it much easier for you to maintain your property over time. This is because mulching is an excellent method for suppressing and controlling weeds and other unwanted vegetation on your property.

When a layer of mulch is applied around plants and trees or over garden beds, it acts as a protective barrier that prevents weed seeds from receiving adequate sunlight to germinate. This suppresses weed growth and reduces the need for ongoing manual weeding or the use of herbicides.

Improved Soil Health

Mulch plays a vital role in improving and maintaining soil health. As organic mulch material breaks down into the soil over time, it enhances the soil’s structure and texture while also providing essential nutrients to plants.

Our mulching services can also help regulate soil temperature by insulating the soil from the extreme heat and cold that come with New Zealand’s seasons. This added insulation can prevent temperature fluctuations that can stress plant roots and affect their growth.

In addition, mulch acts as a protective layer, shielding the soil from erosion caused by heavy rain and wind. It also helps to retain moisture in the soil, reducing the need for frequent watering and making it easy for you to conserve water resources.

Enhanced Fire Mitigation

As well as helping you maintain your property through weed maintenance and improved soil health, we can also provide effective forestry mulching to help mitigate fire risks. By retaining moisture and regulating soil temperature, mulch can act as a natural fire break, providing your property with added protection in the warmer months.

If you have any dense or dried-out vegetation on your land that is posing a fire risk, we can clear it away and repurpose it by turning it into mulch. Our team can then use this mulch to easily create fire breaks and tracks around your property, providing you and your neighbors with additional peace of mind.

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From improving the look of your property with vegetation mulching and weed management to reducing safety hazards with fire barriers and tree mulching, our Bay of Plenty team does it all. We service Auckland, the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hauraki, Coromandel, and all surrounding areas, working on a range of different properties across the region.

No matter how simple or complex your requirements may be, we can cut down, mulch, and spread all kinds of unwanted vegetation in just a few passes. Contact us today to enquire about our mulching services and find out how Grazer can help you transform your property and provide the professional solutions you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, sorry. Like almost all other mechanical cutters, the tough fibres in flax (harakeke), cabbage tree (ti kouka), raupo (bullrush, cats tail), and wild green ginger wrap around the cutters and seize the machine. Flax isn’t acceptable at green waste refuse centres for the same reason.

Height is not usually an issue as in most cases, as you will see from our videos and before/after images.

The forest mulching attachment is capable of tackling thick, tall material, 200-300 mm thick. For material taller than that, the forest mulcher will cut down, flatten and then mulch in a few passes.

The flail attachment is capable of mowing tall grass and the like.

No, sorry. Our health and safety standards are very strict. Only experienced operators should use these machines. 

 Get in touch with the Grazer team and we will talk through access constraints. The machine is 1.25 metres wide, and it can traverse obstacles via ramps or be lifted in by crane or helicopter.

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