Land Clearing

Reclaim Your Land

Do you have a blackberry patch that has taken over? Has bamboo spread out of control? We can easily and quickly clear a wide range of vegetation from your land.

Grazer offers land clearing services for more than just steep slopes, hillsides and gullies. The advantages of our machines are just as relevant on flat ground, in orchards, down paths, under trees and around tricky obstacles. Vegetation management and land clearing has never been more practical or safe. 

Carve Out Usable Space

Our ~1m high machines can get in underneath most trees, and can push the cutting head in to spaces much lower than a metre. Our experienced operator can easily navigate overgrown backyards, and because the machines are remote controlled it’s a safer, faster process for everyone involved. When you compare power tools – like chainsaws and scrub-cutters – it’s worth remembering that cutting down vegetation is only one (dangerous) part of the clearing process. Cut-down material would then need to be fed into a stationary mulcher – a laborious (and costly) task.

Grazer is perfect for clearing walkways, tracks, reserves, wetlands, conservation areas, parks, golf courses and cemeteries. Our land clearing services can save time and money when used before other works such as landscaping, property development, and site clearing for civil works. And in terms of clean up, shelterbelt and orchard trimmings are quickly mulched by Grazer, to the benefit of the trimmed trees.

Whether it’s noxious weed control, vegetation management or fire risk reduction, Grazer are your mowing and mulching experts. We service the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Hauraki and all surrounding areas.

Grazer is ideal for

Frequently Asked Questions

The ground needs to be free of rocks and definitely free of wire. The Grazer operator is always vigilant for major obstructions.

No, sorry. Like almost all other mechanical cutters, the tough fibres in flax (harakeke), cabbage tree (ti kouka), raupo (bullrush, cat’s tail), and wild green ginger wrap around the cutters and seize the machine. Flax and the like aren’t acceptable at green waste refuse centres for the same reason.

Get in touch with the Grazer team and we will talk through access constraints. The machine is 1.25 metres wide, and it can traverse obstacles via ramps or be lifted in by crane or helicopter.

Because tracks have quite a large ‘footprint’-to-weight ratio, our Grazer machines are very capable on soft ground.

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