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The DELTRACK 2.5 was built to clear and maintain difficult and dangerous terrain covered in significant vegetation without hazards to the operator. 

It has an extremely low centre of gravity for increased stability and can perform mulching and mowing functions on steep slopes and soft surfaces of up to 55°, and safely traverse steeper slopes. 

Motor:  Powerful KUBOTA 3-cylinder turbo diesel engine 27.5 kW (38.0 PS) Tilting engine allows weight transfer to increase stability on slopes, while reverse cleaning hydraulic engine cooling fans allow the machine to keep on working in heavy vegetation and debris.

Drive:  Fully-adjustable hydraulic running gear with direct drive, independent-speed caterpillar crawler track control via hand held remote, allowing for fast smooth adjustment and manoeuvrability on steep and rough terrain and simplifies working on steep slopes.

Track Options:  Steel Cleats, Spikes, or Rubber options depending on job/terrain requirements.

Speeds:  forward: 0 – 10 km/h | reverse: 0 – 10 km/h.  

Track width: 1100 – 1250 mm (continuously adjustable).

Max. slope gradient:  50° | 120% (depending on surface). Traction on 55° Slope.

Radio range:  approx. 200 – 300 m (visibility range).

Weight:  approx. 820 kg  (base machine incl. crawler running gear; without accessory device).

Attachments:  Forest mulcher with push bar, able to mulch a 2-300mm branch or quickly dispose of a stump, in one pass.  The mulching drum fitted with stationary carbide tipped cutting teeth and set on skids, with hydraulic adjustable vertical raise/lowering function to mulch to ground level.                  

Attachments:  Flail-type mower with hydraulic height adjustment functions, castor rollers and skids, and a high-performance belt drive. Grazer has two flail mower decks, one fitted with lighter flails for a lawn mowing finish, and one fitted with heavy duty flails to mow very tall thick grass, vegetation and mature scrub.

Uses: Grazer is perfect for topping steep paddocks, mowing the rough on golf courses, or tidying up parks, cemeteries, highways, vineyards and orchards. Our slope mowing services can save time and money when used before other works such as landscaping, property development, and site clearing for civil works. The all-in-one nature of Grazer means mixed-contour land can get the same treatment all over – leading to clean lines right across varied terrain.

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