Slope Mowing

We Mow Where You Can't

When grass needs to be cut, but the ground is too steep, too soft, or inaccessible: call Grazer. Our dedicated mowing machines can make short work of heavy, wet, dense grass, and can trim grass to a park-mown finish on inhospitable terrain. 

Purpose-Built Machines

Steep section mowing and pasture maintenance is what Grazer machines were designed for. Cutting long grass on steep hillsides, driveway banks, tracks, walkways, gullies and drains is much safer and more cost-effective with our remote-controlled Grazer mowing units. 

Grazer's Flail Mowers mow banks to a tidy park finish, quickly and easily.

Our specially-engineered machines have a suspended engine that swings with gravity, maintaining as low a centre of gravity as possible. Combined with a large track surface area and optional track spikes, Grazer units are capable of clinging to hillsides that are difficult to walk up.

Grazer is perfect for topping steep paddocks, mowing the rough on golf courses, or tidying up parks, cemeteries, highways, vineyards and orchards. Our slope mowing services can save time and money when used before other works such as landscaping, property development, and site clearing for civil works. The all-in-one nature of Grazer means mixed-contour land can get the same treatment all over – leading to clean lines right across varied terrain.

Waterways, Ponds and Drains

The control of vegetation around waterways, ponds and drains poses many hazards. Operators of conventional machinery are at risk of rollover when operating on wet, soft and uneven ground. The use of manually-operated brush-cutters in these uneven and slippery areas also poses a fall risk to workers.

Heavy-wheeled machinery operated in these environmentally sensitive areas causes rutting, which creates erosion. Grazer’s mowing machine is capable of completing dangerous jobs whilst eliminating the risk to personnel and damage to the environment. 

Grazer will complete roadside mowing tasks safely and efficiently with minimum obstruction to road users. We will carry out your mowing requirements in these areas with the mower operator at the safe required distance from the road boundary, minimising the need for traffic control and reducing admin for your project STMS. 

Grazer are a part of the SHE Local Government Contractor Health & Safety Pre-qualification Scheme (we’re H&S pre-qualified for council jobs).


Whether it’s fire risk reduction mowing, steep section maintenance, or all-terrain mulch mowing, Grazer are your professional local vegetation management service. Grazer service the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Hauraki, Thames and all surrounding areas. 

Grazer is ideal for

Frequently Asked Questions

The cutting height is adjustable, but the standard flails will trim grass down to a finish you’d expect to see in a park (or my back lawn!)

Height is not usually an issue, as you will see from our videos and before/after images. The flail (mowing) attachment is capable of mowing mature tall grass, thick vegetation and scrub, and if necessary we’ll do a couple of passes to get a nice finish.

Every job is different, varying with the types and depth of vegetation, as well as slope, accessibility, and many other factors.

It’s well worth getting an estimate from us – after all our experience they’re fairly accurate.

No, sorry. Our health and safety standards are very strict. Only experienced operators should use these machines. 

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