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See for yourself the dramatic difference Grazer slope mowing and mulching can make to steep overgrown terrain, around sodden wetlands, behind buildings, in ditches, and close to wanted trees. Whether it’s woody shrubs, head-height gorse, dense mature bamboo or giant pampas mounds, Grazer will demolish it. 

Our services are perfect for clearing and reclaiming land in conservation areas, parks, reserves, walkways, golf courses, cemeteries, vineyards, orchards, back-paddocks, wetlands, and gullies. We create usable land on farms and lifestyle blocks; we clear and maintain highway verges and roadside vegetation; and we prepare ground for development or landscaping.

Grazer is available in the Waikato region, the Coromandel peninsular and the Bay of Plenty. Contact us today for an estimate for a one-off job or ongoing maintenance.

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