A Bit About The Machine

The DELTRACK 2.5 was built to clear and maintain difficult and dangerous terrain covered in significant vegetation without hazards to the operator.

The machine is only 1m high and has an extremely low centre of gravity for increased stability and can perform mulching and mowing functions on steep slopes and soft surfaces of up to 55°, and safely traverse steeper slopes.

The powerful KUBOTA 3-cylinder turbo diesel engine 27.5 kW (38.0 PS) also has a tilting engine allows weight transfer and increase stability on slopes up to 55°. It can reach speeds of up to 10km/ph and weights 820kg.

The hydraulic running gear is fully adjustable with direct drive, independent-speed caterpillar crawler track control via handheld remote, allowing for fast smooth adjustment and manoeuvrability.

There are two attachments:

Forest mulcher with push bar, able to mulch a 2-300mm branch. The mulching drum fitted with stationary carbide tipped cutting teeth and set on skids, with hydraulic adjustable vertical raise/lowering function to mulch to ground level.

Flail-type mower with hydraulic height adjustment functions, castor rollers and skids, and a high-performance belt drive. Grazer has two flail mower decks, one fitted with lighter flails for a lawn mowing finish, and one fitted with heavy duty flails to mow very tall thick grass, vegetation and mature scrub.

We can and do. Our commitment to health & safety and environmental impact mitigation is ongoing, and we are part the SHE Local Government Contractor Health & Safety Pre-qualification Scheme. The physical advantages of Grazer’s machines mitigate many environmental concerns like rutting, erosion and access damage. The need for traffic management alongside carriageways is reduced due to the small size of the machines. Because they are remote-controlled, most of the personnel health and safety concerns associated with vegetation management are also mitigated.

The cutting height is adjustable, but the standard flails will trim grass down to a finish you’d expect to see in a park (or my back lawn!)

Generally no, however there is usually some disturbance where the machine turns in a restricted area.

When our Grazer machines operate with spikes attached to their tracks they do tear the ground more, but we like to think of it as ‘lightly aerating the soil’. When traveling over driveways, the spikes can be covered with protective ‘boots’ to prevent damage.

Considering the work it does, it is not too noisy. As an operator I wear ear protection but that is mainly a health & safety long-term sound exposure precaution.

The ground needs to be free of rocks and definitely free of wire. As an operator I am always vigilant for major obstructions.

Grazer’s operating height is a great advantage. Being remote controlled, the operator can stand back from overhangs. Grazer is just over 1 metre high, but can push the mulching attachment in under lower branches.

Because tracks have quite a large ‘footprint’-to-weight ratio, our Grazer machines are very capable on soft ground.

This depends on the flail, material and machine speed, but in any case the mulch is definitely of a quality to suppress regrowth before breaking down.

Every job is different, varying with the types and depth of vegetation, as well as slope, accessibility, and many other factors.

It’s well worth getting an estimate from us – after all our experience they’re fairly accurate.

Again, every job varies.

Grazer is far faster, safer and yields better results than brush cutting or weed trimming. It can go places where bigger machines can’t, and do a whole lot more work than anything smaller. 

Get in touch with the Grazer team and we will talk through access constraints. The machine is 1.25 metres wide, and it can traverse obstacles via ramps or be lifted in by crane or helicopter.

Yes, along with blackberry, jasmine, gorse and a whole range of other kinds of vegetation.

No, sorry. Like almost all other mechanical cutters, the tough fibres in flax (harakeke), cabbage tree (ti kouka), raupo (bullrush, cats tail), and wild green ginger wrap around the cutters and seize the machine. Flax isn’t acceptable at green waste refuse centres for the same reason.

No, sorry. Our health and safety standards are very strict. Only experienced operators should use these machines. 

Height is not usually an issue as in most cases, as you will see from our videos and before/after images.

The forest mulching attachment is capable of tackling thick, tall material such as mature gorse and bamboo 200-300 mm thick. For material taller than that, the forest mulcher will cut down, flatten and then mulch in a few passes.

The flail mowing attachment is capable of mowing mature tall grass, thick vegetation and scrub, and if necessary we’ll do a couple of passes to get a nice finish.

If radio interference could be an issue, we can change the transmitting channel on the remote control. Just let us know.

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